Optisch Sorteren

Optical grading of carrots and potatoes

DT Dijkstra is official dealer of Visar Sorting equipment for the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, Visar is used by DT Dijkstra in projects worldwide as a total solution. Visar Sortop is the latest, fully automatic electronic camera grader that can be used for high-quality optical grading of washed carrots and both washed and unwashed…

Grading Machine

GRADE – the renewed two-deck grading machine

The GRADE grading machine is a flexible, versatile grading machine for up to 3 sizes. This high capacity grading machine meets the requirements of various groups of users in the seed potato and potato processing industry. GRADE features: Frequency control Extensive and continuously variable adjustment options for rocking movement, stop moment and transport speed Independently…


RT – the popular all-round grading machine

The best-selling grading machine at DT Dijkstra has been the RT for many years. What makes this grading machine so loved by our customers? High grading capacity The RT can process – depending on the deployment – up to 30 tons of product per hour (indicative capacity based on potatoes). This makes this grading machine…

DT Dijkstra Newsletter November

Newsletter November 2019

Always eager to improve existing principles, DT Dijkstra’s designers and engineers took on the challenge to redefine the basis of the box filler. This resulted in a unique new box filler system suitable for potatoes and onions as well as carrots. Also: read more about our popular RT grading machine. And last but not least,…

Preview DT Dijkstra Newsletter October

Newsletter October 2019

DT Dijkstra distinguish themselves by offering total solutions. Combining the customer’s needs with DT Dijkstra’s years of experience and the latest technology, an optimal solution is created which often offers the customer more benefits than they would have expected. Read more and visit us at the Agritechnica show in Hanover from 10 to 16 November.

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Newsletter DT Dijkstra

Newsletter DT Dijkstra DT Dijkstra has agreed to a collaboration with Visar Sorting for the delivery of optical sorting equipment. With this agreement DT Dijkstra can offer, in addition to the existing product program, the most advanced fully automatic electronic sorter suitable for high quality optical sorting of carrots and potatoes. The Visar Sortop optical…