Partner in excellent solutions

DT Dijkstra offer a large number of solutions for grading to size and quality, cleaning, drying, logistics and storage of potatoes, onions and carrots.   Big or smaller Whether you want to start small or go big, DT Dijkstra is the partner that can meet your needs. We offer installations that differ widely in size,…

Exceeding expectations

Last year, DT Dijkstra delivered a grading and inspection line with box fillers to K & M Farming Ltd. in New Zealand. Co-owner Malcolm Cairns explains how this project brought about a big change in his company.   High-quality equipment that will stand the test of time ‘My existing screen grader was 30 years old,…

DT Dijkstra

DT Dijkstra projects in 2021

In 2021, DT Dijkstra again worked on many interesting projects, from a single machine to large-scale installations. From the quotation phase to delivery and commissioning, a project has the full attention of our entire team. We proudly show you a selection of different projects.

Newsletter November

Newsletter November 2021

In this newsletter we give a glimpse of what can be seen at the DT Dijkstra stand at Interpom. DT Dijkstra thinks in a future oriented way and therefore comes up with some great new and innovative products. Such as our renewed GRADE sorter, the KVV box filler and the brand new 3.5-tonne mobile bunker.


Future-oriented thinking is in DT Dijkstra’s genes

In 1926, DT Dijkstra invented the electrically driven screen deck grading machine. This revolutionary product not only meant a major change for many farmers, packers and industrial processors; the concept is still used in many forms and applications. An unprecedented form of future-oriented thinking that deeply characterizes DT Dijkstra. Discover at Interpom in Kortrijk how DT Dijkstra can…

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Your projects professionally designed and built

For companies involved in the processing and packaging of agricultural products such as potatoes, onions and carrots, DT Dijkstra designs and supplies complete turnkey systems, from product receipt to packaging machines or process cutting lines. We can work closely with your architect and always have good cooperation and consultation with suppliers of other machines or…