Dry or wet cleaning?

DT Dijkstra provides effective cleaning and washing machines for the removal of the soil attached to the potatoes and any other undesirable material from the product flow. Your product can be cleaned with or without water, or a combination of both.

DT Dijkstra’s cleaning machines excel in terms of product friendliness, user friendliness and durability.

Sound, proven technology

DT Dijkstra’s low-maintenance cleaning machines are characterised by durable, product-friendly technologies which use water efficiently.

Separating, polishing, drying

The cleaners can be used on their own (stand-alone) or as a unit in a complete processing line. If required,they can be equipped with a separator to remove clods of soil, stones and floating debris. The products can also be post-treated with a polisher or dryer.

Wet or dry cleaning

The solid construction of the cleaning devices of DT Dijkstra guarantees a very long life. Thus, they achieve the lowest cost per ton of processed product. DT Dijkstra has given several options.


  • for grower, packer and industry
  • sound, proven technology
  • effective cleaning
  • product friendly
  • sophisticated water management

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Potato Cleaning