High-performance Optical Sorting

No more manual sorting

Sortop Carrots is the fully automatic electronic camera sorter that can be used for high-quality optical sorting of washed carrots. Sortop Carrots can sort any batch of carrots consistently and efficiently, making manual sorting virtually unnecessary.

Complete installations

The addition of the Sortop Carrots to our product range means that DT Dijkstra can now offer installations in which the entire process, from receipt via washing and sorting of the product to filling boxes, is carried out with minimal human intervention.

This is the Sortop Carrots:

  • Worldwide unique, intelligent software – acts like a human being
  • Highly precise calibration (diameter, length and weight)
  • Up to 16 outputs, customised solutions
  • 360° HD analysis, unsurpassed sorting quality
  • Product friendly and exact ejection
  • Maximum profitability and efficiency
  • Swiss quality
  • Easy handling
  • Low production and maintenance costs
  • Same harvest, more yield
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Efficient remote service support
  • Competent and quick service on location
  • Customised solutions
Visar Sorting Sarl Sortop Carrots  front outputs  scaled


The sorting capacity is 1.800 mm carrots per second. The weight of 1.800 mm carrots per second extrapolated to one hour results in the sorting capacity per hour.

Capacity of Visar Sortop Carrots

DT Dijkstra is official importer of Visar Sorting Sàrl for the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, Visar Sorting Carrots is used by DT Dijkstra in projects worldwide as a total solution.

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