Sorting with capacity and accuracy

Capacity and accuracy go hand in hand when it comes to DT Dijkstra’s grading machines. They are based on advanced and proven drive technology. These machines are suitable for the continuous grading of washed and unwashed products, such as potatoes, beetroot, onions, flower bulbs, Brussels sprouts, etc.

User friendliness

Besides their product friendliness, the machines also stand out because of their user friendliness and durability.

DT Dijkstra customises the grading sieves for customers, in steel if required, and with or without rubber.


Working efficiently; that was the starting point for the new development of the sieve clamp system. DT Dijkstra has taken the approach that the sieves have to be changed within a minimum time frame. Thus, standstill time during the grading process has been reduced to a minimum. In addition to the existing system, DT Dijkstra now supplies two new product versions.

The ‘quick change mechanical’ execution is a system in which a handle for each sieve layer has to be released on either side.

The ‘quick change hydraulic’ execution is a system for which a (manual) hydraulic pump is fitted and all the sieve layers are released by means of that pump.

Producten logistiek reiniging sortering DT Dijkstra


  • for grower, packer and industry
  • compact construction
  • sound, proven technology
  • the lowest cost price per ton of graded product
  • the sieves are easy to change

Greatest accuracy

As a result of the unique drive technology, the sieve surface of the grading machine is optimally utilised, thus achieving the required accuracy.

Producten DT Dijkstra Machines Reiniging Sortering