A new sorting system with a RT-2/5 sorting machine with hydraulic screen clamp was delivered in August at Flevostar in Dronten. Thus the delivery of the 1000th sorting machine is a fact.
Already 25 years Flevostar Dronten packs and markets potatoes. Besides the table table potato and export market, the new company Flevostar Potato wants to focus on seed cultivation, marketing and industry. In order to meet the demand, the company invested in a sorting installation, which now works very satisfactorily.

Customized washer for cleaning the (biologically) carrots
Polderfresh is a major player in carrot processing for the fresh market. DT Dijkstra delivered a carrot washer at Polderfresh in June. This machine type DW 50-6 is a special version in stainless steel. This washer, with a capacity of 15-20 tons / hour, has a drum of 6,000 mm in length and 1,650 mm in diameter. The drum is designed with slats instead of a perforated drum. Because of the slats the carrots are less damaged and the herb is removed by the drum. DT Dijkstra developed for Polderfresh a customized washer for the difficult to clean biologically carrots. The octagonal drum with PVC conveyor guarantees “the best quality in the washing of (bio) carrots. “